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Jade Legacy "Dream Team" casting 3: Cillian Murphy as Asahel/Alexis

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Come on, really, Vilches? Another actor over forty to play a character in his twenties? No, really?

I'm dead serious. I find Cillian Murphy a spectacular Alexis, for many reasons. And it's clear to me that most of you will only see him as the cold and implacable Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders. But the truth is that Tommy Shelby is in a register that is the antipodes of what this brilliant Irish actor conveys naturally and that makes him a perfect fit for the role of Alex. I won't kid you. He would also be a good candidate for Gharin. Those features and one of the most seductive smiles on stage could make him a fantastic Gharin, I have no doubt.

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Take a good look at him: he is the face of the eternal teenager. He is an actor who seems not to have changed in 25 years. The difficult thing is to age Cillian, not to rejuvenate him. His features, deeply elvish, I would say, match perfectly with the features that describe Alexis. All it takes is a close shave to make that chin look as if it had never known the shadow of a beard. Let her hair grow to her shoulders, a little lightening to achieve the creamy shade of Alex's chestnut brown along with those deep blue eyes and you almost have a carbon copy of the literary description of the character, even at 45 years of age. The facial balance is so graceful, I'm telling you, that he could perfectly be the physiognomy of an elf. Those pronounced cheekbones, that defined chin without being robust... They are features of an almost feminine delicacy: exactly as Alex is described in the early pages of the saga. However, I don't just see the Alexis of the beginning, I try to project his appearance until the final stages. That's where Cillian Murphy comes into his own for me, proving himself to be an actor of intense dramatic ability, able to make Alex's evolution over the pages believable without the slightest problem. And also where the difference in his real age versus his character's age plays in our favour.

Cillian's register has taken him through extremely fragile roles, playing everything from very vulnerable characters to full-blown psychopaths. Alex doesn't need that much of an arc in his register, but having it ensures a huge amount of solvency in the turn the character takes towards the middle of the saga. There is a point in the narrative where the reader must doubt whether Alexis is the piece that will tip the balance for or against. Cillian is a great actor of silences and looks. I am absolutely sure he would handle this ambiguous and hesitant character very well in Alexis's emotional evolution.

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Are you curious to know who would play Hansi-Odin if the casting choice were in my hands? To tell you the truth, so would I. There are two very strong candidates for this character. It will be a duel between the heart and... the other heart. I'll tell you next week.

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